If I were to ask you right now what does our product the Magnet Driver® have in common  with a Rubik’s cube or skydiving equipment, you would answer NOTHING !!! Of course, it’s normal, but if we told you they have something in common and something very appealing, it’s a manufacturing component that is present in all of them: a Neodymium Magnet.

And of course, it couldn’t have been developed by any other manufacturer other than General Motors who in 1982 together with Sumitomo Special Metals discovered the compound that gave rise to the neodymium magnet. In the field of technology, neodymium magnets have replaced the traditional black magnets in many of the thousands of applications they have in modern technology, where powerful permanent magnets are required for a given application. This is because its great power allows the use of much smaller and lighter parts.



Some examples:

  • Components for hard disk drive heads.
  • Production of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
  • Pickups for electric guitars.
  • Speakers and headphones.
  • Electric motors.


Advantages of the neodymium magnet compared to others magnets:

  • The attractive force is greater in the neodymium.
  • No loss of attractive force over time.
  • Ideal for small spaces.
  • The smallest magnets are just as powerful as larger conventional magnets.
  • Aesthetics: Attractive silver and homogeneous surface.


The magnet of neodymium, recognized by its extreme strength and its magnetic capacity, is one of the components of Magnet Driver®. As we explained in a previous post, the Magnet Driver® is basically a rubber coated neodymium magnet, its power is so great that if you add it to the tip of a drill, and you put a screw at the end, the Magnet Driver® will be able to support the of the drill. It’s amazing.



In the case of screwdrivers and drill bits that are magnetized, their magnetic power is “temporary” (limited duration) however the Magnet Driver® has a “permanent” (long lasting) magnetism that will never lose its magnetic attractive power.


The next time you need to use a screwdriver for any DIY task at home or even at work remember this post and make sure you have your choice clear in your mind when choosing the right tool…