The pleasure of screwing

This post has been driving us crazy because it´s the first and we know it puts you under pressure: Will you like it? Will you read it? Will you understand what we are trying to put across? We are confident that for everybody the explanations will seem great and we will asume that in the end everyone will know what Magnet Driver is used for.


We will begin with a sequence of questions and answers so that you can better understand the usability of this tool. You won´t have to wait long for the first:

What is Magnet Driver?

Well Magnet Driver is a magnetic screw holder, it´s that simple, and you will ask yourselves…

What´s it for?

Well basically without much complication, it is used when you screw anything you do not drop the screws and they are held stable, so you can undertake a perfect screw.

But how is it possible?

Above all thanks to it’s powerful magnet that covers it, The screws are firmly attached to the tool without any chance of falling or moving.

And if you have an electric drill or screwdriver?

Magnet Driver is compatible with any electric drill, manual screwdriver or electric screwdriver. It adapts to everything!


Up to this point, some of you have already taken a tour of our website to see what we are talking about, and of course you can see that it’s body is formed by a black rubber and the top comes in several colors: yellow, blue, red, green and orange. This is because each color of the Magnet Driver adapts to the different diameters of screwdriver rods or drill bits.

Is there any product that is complementary to this Screw-Holder?

Of course, the drill bits and the handle are the perfect complement for greater precision and speed when performing any screwing task. So…,

Can it be used for any screwing task?

Affirmative, ANY TASK from assembling a piece of furniture (including Ikea’s), to installing a stage, repairing a car, changing a lock, hanging a picture, building a shed, etc …

And the last thing and just as important…,

What is the advantage of Magnet Driver compared to magnetic tips or other similar inventions? Why buy a Magnet Driver?

Well, we do not want to give too clear an impression of superiority, but the truth is that Magnet Driver compared to the others, is the only one with a magnet so powerful that the screws will never fall, you can insert screws on any surface, reach any distance and screw with one hand.


Discover yourself Magnet Driver and the pleasure of screwing:

Magnet Driver Screw-Holder video

Magnet Driver Nail-Holder video

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