Repair everything tiny, effortlessly!


Build, repair and adjust even the tiniest DIY project effortlessly with Magnet Driver™ Space Rocket. This full-precision screwdriver and tool kit commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, emulating the Saturn V spaceship. The screwdriver kit is equipped with vital accessories including:

  • Magnet Driver™ Space Rocket screwdriver
  • Aluminum extender with 4 different lengths (plus 2 extra-short direct positions, for a total of 6 different working distances)
  • 20 standard bits in 8 different types -5 Magnet Driver™ Minis that accommodate a full size range of bits
  • Magnetic organizer matTravel/carrying case to keep it all together

With a full spectrum of stem and bit sizes, this all-in-one toolkit aids in the repair of mobile devices, tablets, laptops, cameras, computers, toys, glasses, watches and other products with very small screws. Magnet Driver™ Mini’s neodymium magnetic grip, designed for extreme precision and control, holds small screws in place and ensures safe, efficient, single-handed driving. This tiny screwdriver easily holds smaller screws tightly in place, eliminating the typical hassle of losing and searching for dropped screws.





Magnet Driver™ Space Rocket Screwdriver

Extendable to four different heights (180mm, 160mm, 140mm, 120mm), with two extra-short direct positions, for a total of six different working distances, it works to reach very difficult places and allows you to drive even the tiniest screw with only one hand.Magnet Driver™ Space Rocket is made from 6061 aluminum CR-V; it’s lightweight, yet extremely durable, and built to last…project after project.



Magnet Driver™ Mini

Easily install, tighten and replace screws with the only magnetic, single-handed screwholder. The Magnet Driver™ Mini grips and holds screws in place, making fastening much easier in all aspects. You don’t even need a second hand involved.There are five total Magnet Driver™ Minis — in two different colors signifying different sizes — that work with our 45mm precision bits or standard 28-30 precision bits.

Magnet Driver™ Bits

20 standard S2 Steel bits in eight different types:
– Slotted (SL1.0, SL1.5, SL2.0, SL2.5, SL3.0)
– Hexagonal (H1.3, H1.5)
– Phillips (PH1, PH0, PH00, PH000)
– Triangle (2.3)
– Torx Security (TX6, TX8, TX10)
– Tri-point (Y3)
– Torx (T4, T5)
– Pentalobe (P2, P5)
*Bits are color coded to match with the appropriate Magnet Driver™ Mini size.

Magnet Driver™ Organizer Mat

This magnetic mat keeps your metal objects perfectly organized. Place small pieces and screws directly on the mat for guaranteed safety and security. Not to mention, it details the Moon and the place and date of the first man landing on the moon.


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